White Loaf Farm is a beautiful 130 acre family owned and operated farm with decades of experience with horses, including raising and showing our own Morgans. We are conveniently located in Southampton, Massachusetts in close proximity to route 202 and I-91, with miles of gorgeous grassy, flat trails, as well as easy access to wooded public trails.

Our facility consists of two 12 X 12 stalls and seven 10 X 12 matted run-in stalls, cleaned daily and fresh bagged shaving bedding provided, along with 24-hour turnout to individual paddocks, or optional pasture turnout, and lots of individualized attention. Our highest goal is the safety and comfort of the horses entrusted to us. We take special pride in providing gentle, quality care in a stress-free environment, and in paying special attention to each and every one of the horses to keep them happy and healthy.

Horse Boarding Requirements:

  • Proof of current negative Coggins is required before ANY horse will be allowed on the premises (no exceptions!)
  • Horses must be up to date on all vaccinations
  • Also, must get yearly vaccinations while on premises
  • Regular farrier care and worming is required

Board includes your horse's preferred choice of grain 2x a day, hay, supplements if requested, stall cleaning daily, shavings, blanketing (optional) if needed. We grow and harvest our own hay from our farm's well maintained meadows.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Paddocks for Boarders

Our horses are allowed to be horses, to breathe fresh air, roam the fields and be part of a group.  We allow them to move freely outside whenever possible. We bring the horses in for extremes in temperature and weather conditions. The horses can be turned out individually during the day (weather permitting) and put in their stalls at night if so preferred. Our fences are solid and well maintained.

Some of our stalls have dutch doors which our boarder's horses love.

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